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Meet Lakisha

I grew up right here in Boston, MA. I attended the University of Massachusetts Boston and graduated in 2000 with a double major in Economics and Africana Studies. I earned my master's in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College in 2014. I was an ambitious scholar and earned from Simmons College of Management an MBA in 2018. 

Outside of serving as the former Director of Operations at Fathers’ Uplift, I founded Blessed Harvest Coaching. As the Executive Director of the program, I was responsible for funding initiatives, forging community partnerships, program facilitation, and recruitment. I also created R.O.C.K. Your Life Girls Life Coaching Program designed to serve girls ages 14 to 21 to help them overcome adversity and cultivate their inner strengths to succeed despite any traumatic experiences they have gone through. 

What Sets Me Apart

I work with professional women and men who struggle with the demands of daily living, parenting, work/life balance, interpersonal and family relationships. My typical client is an overachiever and successful by society's standards who at times suffers from stress, anxiety, and/or depression. I employ a variety of treatment modalities to address my clients' therapy needs. However, I typically use a combination of solution-focused, narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing techniques.

I am a Life Coach/ Therapist. I believe we all have the tools and the ability to reach our full potential, but life gets in the way from time to time, and when it does those setbacks often can shake some of us to our core.

CoachLA is a Therapist/Coach who has: 
As Your Coach & Therapist Let Me Help You
  1. A desire to help people

  2. A sense of caring and a deep curiosity about people

  3. A high level of self-awareness

  4. Strong personal standards, trustworthiness, and integrity

  5. Strong emotional intelligence

  6. A high level of empathy and intuition

  7. An interest in on-going personal growth

  8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  9. Active listening skills

  10. Entrepreneurial and organizational skills

  1. Be Purposeful, Be In Alignment

  2. De-Clutter Your Life ( both externally & internally)

  3. Practice Extreme Self-Care

  4. Attend To Your Physical Well-being

  5. Get Support - Be Apart  Of A larger Community

  6. Strengthen your boundaries ( Accountability Helps You Move Forward)

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