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  • Lakisha R. Austin


As I walked today, I practiced mindfulness, I was intentional about not judging myself, and I began to just pay attention to my thoughts! I realized more than ever today the power of our thoughts, and how my thoughts influenced my mood. I literally felt a myriad of emotions as I walked today. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, happy, excited and sad all within one hour. Why? Because of my thoughts! Our emotions are temporary feelings. However, our thoughts are constantly floating through our minds! Our thoughts trigger our emotions, which dictates our mood, and influences our behavior.

We have the power to decide which thoughts we want to ruminate on.

Practice self-compassion and choose to let go! Not every thought requires an explanation or reaction. Let your thoughts float freely in your mind, and allow your emotions be like the tide! Embrace the this too shall pass mindset!

That’s practicing mindfulness baby!

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