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Robbie Lee DeBarros, CEO of Revohloo Talks Taking on Other People's Stuff and Seeking Therapy

From episode: Jumping and taking a leap to BET on SELF

In this episode of Conversations with Coach LA, a relatable topic takes center stage—the tendency to absorb the emotional baggage of others. Coach LA initiates a discussion on this common phenomenon, drawing parallels to Ms. Rob's insightful perspective on the weight of carrying other people's issues. Coach LA explores the triggers that lead individuals to therapy, often stemming from unexpected moments of self-realization. It's a journey many can relate to—the belief that one has conquered personal challenges, only to be confronted by lingering issues that demand attention. Whether within the dynamics of relationships or personal introspection, the recognition of unresolved issues prompts people to seek therapeutic support. Reflecting on a clientele predominantly comprised of successful women of color, Coach LA emphasizes the need for a space to unload, seek guidance, and ensure the therapist's credentials. The focus shifts from mere advice to a therapeutic process that involves questioning, challenging thought processes, and fostering self-validation. Addressing the discomfort associated with therapy, Coach LA employs the metaphor of a mental massage. Drawing a parallel to physical massage, therapy is likened to the process of targeting emotional knots, encouraging clients to endure temporary discomfort for lasting relief. The importance of self-awareness emerges as a key theme. Coach LA shares personal experiences of recognizing a pattern of taking on others' burdens and neglecting self-care. The accumulation of these burdens eventually led to seeking therapy as a means of release. The surprising revelation underscores the prevalence of stereotypes within the black community that may hinder individuals from seeking professional help. Coach LA closes by discussing the subtle signs that indicate the need for therapy, emphasizing the significance of listening to one's body and recognizing the impact of stress and anxiety on daily life. The conversation encourages a shift in perspective, portraying therapy not as a sign of weakness but as a proactive step towards self-discovery and emotional well-being. Press play to listen to the audio burst from this episode. Download and listen to the full episode on all podcast platforms.

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