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Why Therapy Is Essential, Even If You Don't Think You Need It

From episode: Protecting Your Innergy with TiElla Grimes, M.Ed, CPC

Regrettably, some individuals may avoid seeking therapy due to the belief that they don't require it, the fear of societal judgment, or the misconception that therapy is only for those deemed "mentally unstable." For those tuning in, I hope this message resonates and encourages you to explore and navigate complex emotions that may be difficult to acknowledge, leading to self-shame and repression. If you're questioning your well-being and struggling to identify the source of your discomfort, it's crucial to confront the unspoken pain.

For parents, a constructive step in supporting your children involves engaging in therapy to address personal issues and taking responsibility for any shortcomings. Acknowledging and apologizing for past mistakes, even those made unknowingly, can be profoundly healing. This process of accountability is particularly beneficial for adult children. Personally, I received this from my father, but my mother has yet to provide such closure. In such cases, individuals may need to grant themselves the validation they seek, as some parents may be incapable of offering it due to their own repressed pain.

Therapy provides a space to work through these complexities. It allows individuals to seek the validation they may never receive from their parents and decide on a path forward. This journey may involve difficult choices, such as distancing oneself from certain individuals, but understanding the reasons behind such decisions can foster a sense of support and empowerment. Follow @Therapist_CoachLA on Instagram for more life lessons and therapeutic tips

Check out the full episode of Conversations with Coach LA featuring Tiella Grimes, M.Ed, CPC

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