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Self-Care Is Therapy

From episode: Making the Shift to SELF featuring Dr. Sherika Alford

You know, just being in America right now, we're losing folks left and right, not only because of natural causes. But, you know, if you're from the city, it's like even, you know, senseless acts of violence. So we're losing folks left and right. We have a heart. We have feelings. And sometimes we're not able to, you know, keep those feelings under wrap. It overwhelms us. We cry. Some folks are afraid to cry. But again, you know, it kind of sort of takes us out of our own element and our comfort zone. So we have to, you know, figure out how to get ourselves back to, you know, our normality, you know, or normalcy. Do you know what I'm saying? So in order to do that, so in that it requires therapy, and therapy, again, does not always mean that you're sitting in front of a person. You know, you can get your mind right by going to boxing. You can get your mind right by line dancing, Zumba, or whatever it is. Yes. Therapy for me is synonymous with therapy, being therapeutic. So you could have all types of activities that are therapeutic and that's different for each person. So also just self-care in general to me is therapy. So you brought up line dancing. So let's talk about it. So anybody who knows Dr. Alford knows that she's a huge line dance lover and not just a dancer, but also a creator. She creates dances and she instructs. So rightfully so. As an educator, you've taken line dancing to become an instructor. And that's become therapy for you and therapy for the people that you teach. Ah, OK. So let's go back to, you know, the alpha of me line dancing. So line dancing and it's so crazy that, you know, we were just talking about therapy, you know, and shout out to my bestie, to do it. You know, I had lost my kid's father and it was, you know, it was a dark moment for me and I needed something to do. And she knew I love dancing. So it's like, hey, you know, you know, go down to Franklin Park and just down there, you know, teaching that. Go to her class, whatever, whatever. Cool. And that's what I did. I went there and honestly, I never looked back

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