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Therapy Can Come in Many Forms

From episode: Making the Shift to SELF featuring Dr. Sherika Alford

Therapy may not be for everyone. And if it is for you, you shop around until you find the person that fits you. You know, it's all about energy is all about who you feel comfortable with, who resonates great within your soul. You know what I'm saying? So if that's not the case, then there are other ways to seek therapy. So, you know, the things or the places that make you feel great. And so once you, you know, come in contact with those things or places that could be going out of the box. Here's a Self-disclosure moment. OK, I've boxed for four years and I used to teach boxing to my girls after school. I had an after-school boxing program at Westie. Shout out to Westie. Shout out to Westie and all the educators in general. But yes, so boxing, that's one of my outlets. And my son just actually said, Mom, are you going to get back into boxing? So I need to find a new program and a new instructor. But I really loved boxing. That might have been the one activity that I was completely dedicated to. I went faithfully. So boxing, I'm going to find you. I'm about to start that back. I don't know what it was about putting on the gloves, the shoes, and the gear. You know, I was your own Rocky. That's what it was. I think that was what a year ago, I stopped. I felt strong when I was boxing. Man, listen, my uppercut was starting to look good!

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